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We help owners, heirs, executors, trustees, families update and make changes to the title of their Hawaii real estate. We specialize in warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds, trust transfer deeds, affidavits of death, petitions to note death, petitions to note a name change, petitions to note marriage or death, as well as executor and trustee deeds. Our process makes it easy and efficient to make changes to your property title.

  • Do you need to transfer a property?

  • Have you inherited a piece of paradise?

  • Need to remove someone from your title?

Get the right documents to update ownership

We do good deeds


family changes

  • Add a spouse

  • Remove an ex-spouse

  • Add children to title

  • For estate planning


  • Private sale

  • Gift to family

  • Gift to charity

  • Transfer to living trust

after a death

  • Affidavit of Death

  • Surviving Joint Tenant

  • Successor Trustee

  • Executor conveyances

What People Say

I wish I had found your service sooner because I've been meaning to add my son for such a long time

Morgan Antelier, OR


Serving ALL ISLANDS from our 2 offices:

1164 Bishop St STE 1555

Honolulu, HI 96813


75- 5591 Palani Rd STE 2001

Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Kailua Kona

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(808) 379-3739


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