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Transfer a property to: a Trust, an LLC, or another Individual

Add someone to your title: Estate Planning, Gifts, Spouse

Update or correct your title: Name, Marital Status, Address, Percentages

Avoid Probate: Transfer on Death Deed, Update tenancy


If your property is in the Land Court System, every life event or correction must be noted on the Certificate of Title.

We file petitions to note:

Death  -  Divorce  -  Marriage  -  Name Change  -  Appointment of Successor Trustee  +  more.


In order to transfer a property after an owner has died, probate is sometimes necessary. We'll set you up with our legal team to ensure that probate is handled efficiently so that we can properly complete the property transfer.

Our legal team handles ancillary and informal probates to make property transfers easy.

Starting at $2,500


Get a report of the last 30 years of public history on a particular property. We provide information on transactions, liens, easements, encroachments, covenants, mortgages, and more. We also research court records and UCC filings.

Title Abstracts are prepared by a Hawaii-licensed attorney.

Starting at $465   

(complex research older than than 30 years may incur additional charges)


Already have a signed deed and conveyance tax certificate?


We'll help you record it electronically in the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances.


Need a document from the Land Court or Bureau of Conveyances? Our team is here to help you. Some documents may take 2-3 weeks, but most orders are fulfilled the same day!


Noting the death of a property owner enables the surviving owner(s) (who have rights of survivorship) to deal with the property, whether they want to sell, transfer, or encumber it.

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