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Porter DeVries, Esq. created HawaiiDeed in 2015 to make the deed transfer process for efficient and less dependent upon paper. HawaiiDeed uses the latest technology to process transactions efficiently and accurately and we are 100% paperless.


Some people view deeds as commodities with little value. At HawaiiDeed, we completely disagree. A generic form that can be found anywhere on the internet is not the same as a deed from HawaiiDeed. We take the time to understand your goals and create the right document for your needs and our team ensures that your deed functions the way that is should. 

More than a piece of paper, it's a piece of paradise!

We believe that a deed is more than a piece of paper in Hawaii because the document represents something incredibly special. Our team carefully produces every document and strives to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining our values of efficiency, ease, and accuracy. 

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