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How Do I Transfer My Hawaii Property Title?

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HawaiiDeed's process makes transferring or updating your property title quick and easy. Our 100% paperless process means that we can draft, collect signatures, and record a new deed all in the same day. Of course, that requires a lot of coordination, but it has been done and we're happy to work with our clients to meet their needs.

Figuring out what is necessary to transfer your Hawaii property title starts with determining which system your property is registered in. Hawaii has three systems: Regular, Land Court, and Dual. One of the easiest ways to determine this is to check the recent transactions that are listed on the property tax website of the county where the property is located (links below). If the property is in the Regular System, then our Standard Document Service covers everything needed to add, remove, or change the names on your title with a new deed.

If the property is in the Land Court system (or the Dual system, which includes a Land Court recording), then we need to determine whether the certificate of title is current. This means that we need to answer the following questions:

For any of the individuals who are currently on the title:

  1. Has anyone passed away?

  2. Has anyone gotten married since acquiring title?

  3. Has anyone gotten divorced since acquiring title?

  4. Has anyone's name changed?

  5. (If owned by a trust) Has a successor trustee taken over management of the trust?

If the answer is 'Yes' to any of these questions, then we must file a Land Court petition before a new deed can be recorded.

When we are ready to prepare a new deed and you've placed your order, you'll receive a link to complete our online onboarding form. This is a brief form that asks for basic information like the correct spelling of the names and mailing addresses of the grantors and grantees. As soon as we receive that form, we:

  1. Research the property and draft the necessary documents

  2. Email you the documents with instructions to sign using

  3. E-file your notarized documents and email you the recorded documents

Start a new deed here

Links to check on which system your property is recorded in:




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