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Timeshare Deeds


There are many reasons that you need to make a change to your timeshare deed:

  • Gifting it to a family member

  • Transferring your interest to a co-owner

  • Updating the owners after a marriage or divorce

  • Updating the owners after a name change

  • Transferring the property after the death of an owner

  • And more...


With our Standard Document Service you'll get expert help to prepare and record the right documents for your timeshare.

Standard Document Service

Hawaii property documents can be complicated. Our process is quick, accurate, and efficient. Order online and get a new deed in just a few days.


Our team works with timeshare owners around the world to ensure that their piece of paradise is accurately titled and up to date.

The deed to your Hawaii real estate is your proof of ownership. If you're buying any type of real property, you'll need the right kind of deed to protect your interests. Whether you're going through an escrow company to close your transaction or not, HawaiiDeed can draft the right deed for you: Warranty Deed, Limited Warranty Deed, or Quitclaim Deed. And the same goes for sellers! 

Whenever you create a living trust, the most important asset to transfer into the trust is usually real property. The grantor in a trust deed is you as an individual and the grantee is you as the trustee of your living trust. Similarly, for a corporate transfer, you are the grantor and you may be signing as the authorized officer of the company.

Generally, if you want to change (in any way) the names of the person or persons on your deed, you'll need to draft and record a new deed.

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