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  • Standard Document Service

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    Per Deed or Land Court Petition, this customized service ensures that your property title is changed or updated exactly how you want it. Our Standard Document Service is designed for:

    • Adding Someone to Your Title
    • Removing Someone from Your Title
    • Transfering to Your Trust
    • Updating Your Name
    • Making a Correction to Your Current Deed
    • Avoiding Probate
    • And more!


    Common Documents That We Draft:

    • Trust Deeds
    • Quitclaim Deeds
    • Land Court Petitions to Note: Marriage, Divorce, Death, Succcesor Trustee*
    • Transfer on Death Deeds
    • Personal Representative Deeds
    • Warranty Deeds
    • Special Warranty Deeds


    *Properties in the Land Court system may require both a Petition and a Deed to accomplish your objective, which means that two (2) document services are required to be purchased. Our specialists will confirm this with you prior to starting and you'll get a full refund if you don't want to proceed with a petition and  a deed.


    • Property Research
    • Retrieval of Public Records
    • Drafting of Required Documents
    • Coordinating Notarized Signatures
    • Recording with the State of Hawaii
    • Electronic Delivery and Storage

    Does Not Inclue: 

    • Conveyance Tax (if applicable)
    • A Separate Land Court Petition (if required)

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