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Assignment of Lease

SKU: 1005


Leases of more than 5 years are required to be recorded, so this Assignment of Lease is used to transfer an interest in a long-term lease to someone else. We commonly use these in connection with:

  • Divorce or marriage
  • Adding family members
  • Removing an owner
  • Gifts
  • Estate planning

This can be prepared with or without warranties. Most leases will require the consent of a master lessor, so we provide the additional service needed to obtain that consent

  • This includes:

    • Retrieval of the current deed
    • Drafting the new timeshare deed
    • Preparing the conveyance tax form
    • Coordinating signatures
    • Obtaining consent from a master lessor


    This DOES NOT include the State of Hawaii filing fees, conveyance tax (if applicable), or consent fees, which must be paid separately prior to recording your documents.

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